Video Visit the ones you love with a self-floating Zeppi

Spend more time with the loved ones who depend on your care and companionship. Zeppi floating video call device facilitates and increases family caregivers presence and reduces older adults loneliness with video visits that feel entirely real.

Zeppi lets you easily "drop in" for spontaneous chats, visual check-ins, and quick consultations around the tens of issues that arise every day. With a self-positioning camera, life-size high-resolution screen and excellent audio assembly, Zeppi makes it natural and simple to check in with professional caregivers, attend appointments and get reassurance that all is well when phone calls go unanswered.

The Challenge

Overloaded family caregivers

Family caregivers worry 24/7 about their care recipients - mostly older parents - juggling conflicting demands all day long to be accessible and attentive.

73% of family caregivers are also employed
66% report that their work day is interrupted by caregiving issues 
15% live more than an hour away from their charge.

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Lonely seniors

48% of seniors in the US are lonely, and it affects their health. 29% are living alone.

With the loss of friends and relatives that comes with aging, and our highly mobile society, more and more seniors  report feeling lonely. Researches show that loneliness is associated with cognitive decline, depression and even reduced motor function.

Just zep in for a visit

Give peace of mind for you and your loved ones as you drop by for large-as-life visits throughout the day. 

Home Care

Family caregivers and home care agencies can visit at the touch of a button, from any location.

Social Time

Make it easy for grandchildren, relatives and friends to stop by and spend quality time together.

Healthcare Support

Meet with doctors, nurses and therapists to reduce medical facilities visits, overcome mobility issues and expensive private home visits.

Peace of Mind

Visually check in to ease your worries: Why aren't they answering calls? Are they treated well?..

A click away from knowing everything is OK

Our Technology

Safe. Quiet. Friendly.

Based on Helium Tech, Zeppi hovering telepresence robot is completely safe, quiet and unthreatening. 
A 20-inch projection display lets seniors feel like their loved ones are right there,  in their room. Zeppi moves autonomously and quietly, keeping a comfortable distance yet staying in view. If necessary, it can even move through all rooms for a safety check-in. Low battery consumption enable hours of natural engagement with no need to recharge.


Why Zeppi?

Tailored video call solutions for older adults are crucial. Specifically for those who struggle with smartphones or tablets, and find rolling telepresence robots too costly or inappropriate due to stairs and clattered surfaces.

Zeppi enables to transform a call to a video-visit experience, with voice activation, a large as life display and safe autonomous flight around the house to track the older adult and position itself in the perfect spot for hanging out!

Intelligent Hover Control

  • Moves autonomously to track the older adult in any room regardless of any obstacles or stairs

  • Finds the perfect position for a conversation - at the right height and distance

Life-Sized Display

  • Creates a real sense of presence

  • Easily viewable - suitable for those with vision impairment

Hands-Free Operation

  • “Zeppi, call Mom”, “Zeppi, move back”

  • Does not require any tech skills, touch screen or buttons operation 

  • Automatically charges and refills helium when docked

Remote Control from wherever

  • Complete control from remote by authorized users

  • Navigates throughout the house in case of an emergency

  • Provides easy support for any technical issue at home (like setting the TV)

Privacy and Security

  • Only authorized users can initiate calls

  • Set “no entrance” zones to protect privacy

  • High visibility camera and mic “on” indicators

  • Camera faces wall while docking

Fun Helium Balloon Tech

  • Quiet operation

  • Safe for seniors and kids - softly push back on touch

  • Works for hours without recharging

The Zeppi Team

Eitan - full.JPG

Eitan Lavie


15 years of experience in the high-tech industry. An executive who successfully built a multi-million dollar company.


Yaron Bar Sinai


20 years in the high-tech industry. Leadership and management of design engineering. EE Technion, EMBA TAU


Zohar Karni


Marketing leader with over 12 years of experience in tech-marketing in the computer software industry.
MA Communications, HUJI


Asher Maman


10 years of experience leading technical programs, system engineering & customer relations.

Danielle Pollack.jfif

Danielle Polack

Age Care Partner & Advisor

President, Equinoxe Lifecare, Canada.  28 years in private homecare.

AssafTamir (1).jpg

Assaf Tamir

Design Advisor

15 years of experience in product design. Leads the Innovation Hub in the Aerospace Industries.
Industrial Design, HIT

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